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Two Bells Productions

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Formerly known as Tobbell Films, Two Bells Production is a production company specialising in Feature films, Short films, and Music promo.

When Tobbell Films was rebranded to Two Bells Productions, the client looked to mark the occasion with a full site redesign. The new site was designed to reflect the sense of fun that can be found in Two Bells' films.

Javascript was used to enhance the user experience by breaking up large quanitities of page content into more digestible sections.

The client wished to maintain the site independently, using Dreamweaver, though he didn't have any previous experience of web development. In order to achieve this, I wrote an interactive tutorial (built with XHTML & Javascipt) for Dreamweaver CS4, specifically tailored towards altering the XHTML file for each project.

I also made things simple by keeping the information for each project confined to a single XHTML file. Javascript was used to automatically hide all content section, bar one, and to generate the Page Content Menu from the H3 elements.


  • Website Design
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Interactive Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial


  • Dec 2008 - Jan 2009

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